1. Emotionally tasteful.

    Miley figured, delightedly, that this meant she did, in fact, tend to traipse around her private apartments in the altogether. But she’s 21 with a great body; therefore it’s artistic, patriotic, and a progressive religious experience.


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  2. Road Less Travelled


    A pair of feet diverged in gray sand, 
    and sorry I could not travel both 
    and I be one traveler, long I stood.

    Two paths: One well traveled and respected, 
    But one overgrown and neglected.

    To be alone and take the “Road less Traveled”
    Or to be safe and take the well traveled lane with someone.
    I did what was expected, and turned from the neglected,
    Because that’s how it’s suppose to be.

    However, I often ponder:
    The lesser traveled lane,
    and the time I do squander.

    Thoughts are hard to ascertain.
    I have decided hence
    that when two paths diverge in gray sand;
    sometimes the path you take makes no
    difference at all.


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  3. photo

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  4. In case you were wondering what happens after your Disney princesses live happily ever after, Jon Cozart, aka “Paint" has all the answers. And it’s not pretty… although his singing is.


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  5. The Harlem Shake can get you fired, federally investigated, suspended and now sued too, apparently! What did measly old “Gangnam Style” do except make everybody dance like a horse?

    Yet, despite its sinister reputation, the royal family is getting in on the action! Kinda.

    My Destination has created what they call “a right royal knees up” using look-alikes of Kate Middleton, Prince William, and the rest.

    William is probably the most spookily spot-on in terms of looks, but the Queen Elizabeth impersonator has her bumpin’ and grindin’ down pat. 


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